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 Absa Logo  ABSA Banking

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 African Investment Infrastructure Management (AIIM)[part of the Macquarie Funds Group]  Financial
 Anglo American  Anglo Base Metals  Mining
 Artscape  ArtScape Performance Arts
 Audi  Audi SA  Automotive and manufacturing
 Bosal International  Bosal International  Automotive and manufacturing
 Clicks Clicks  Sales & Distribution
 Department of Transport  Department of Transport  Public sector
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 University of Limpopo Department of Nursing Science

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Academic & Health
                     Eric Salomon and Co.                           
 Eric Salomon & Co.  Accounting
 Executive Decisions  Federal Gaming / Executive Decisions Security & Personal Protection
 Gordon Institute of Business Science  Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) Business Education
 Graham Beck Wines  Graham Beck Wines Wine industry
Health Systems Trust Health Systems Trust Health
 Hirt and Carter Hirt & Carter Design & Printing
 Hollard  Hollard Insurance Insurance
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Infinity Culinary Training  Education & Food
 LRMG Performance Agency
LRMG Performance Agency eLearning
 Massmart  Retail
Ministry of Health Ministry of Health, Zambia Public sector
 MTC Namibia  MTC, Namibia  Telecommunications Company
 Mount Nelson Hotel Mount Nelson Hotel Hospitality Industry
 N'lighten N’lighten Service Evaluation & Training
 Naartjie Kids  Naartjie Clothing  Manufacturing & Sales
 NeuroBalance Neurobalance  Brain Training
 Nissan  Nissan  Automotive Industry
 Pioneer Foods Pioneer Foods Food Manufacturing & Distribution
 PPC  PPC Cement Manufacturers
 Renault Renault  Automotive Industry
 Pernod Ricard  Perno Ricard  Sales & Distribution
 Richardsbay Cole Terminal  Richardsbay Coal Terminal (RBCT)  Coal Export
 Safmarine Safmarine Shipping
 Sanlam  Sanlam  Insurance
 Santam Santam  Insurance
Solaris Health
Solaris Health  Wellness
South African Broadcasting Company  Television
SANBI  South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI)  Public Sector
 Talent Fusion  Talent Fusion Talent Management
Telkom  Telkom  Telecommunications
 Stellenbosch University  University of Stellenbosch  Call Centre
 VolksWagen VW SA  Automotive and manufacturing
 WesBank  Wesbank  Motor vehicle finances



“I would recommend that managers do this together and include key team members that are positive and driven and who can help bring change to the business. It was very useful doing this programme with 5 team members and I believe it will help us have a common understanding and language to keep each other in check and help each other. Thanks to Demyan and Justine for an amazing 4 days – this course if guaranteed personal and professional growth!

Karien Boolsen: Head of Private Lable – Clicks


“Your workshop with our lecturers have provided them with the practical tools and personal awakenings that will now allow them to reach the highest level of their potential – and to pass those insights on to our students. Your expertise in your field is of the highest order.”

Barry Berman: Executive Director – Infinity Culinary Training


“I would recommend this programme to all my colleagues as I believe that this course offers the tools needed to communicate effectively and work as a unit in a high pressure environment.”

Anastashia Diener: Purchasing Category Specialist – Pernod Ricard


“I rate the Interpersonal Intelligence Programme as one of the best investments in myself. The 4-day programme is jam-packed with fun filled activities and leaves one with a practical guide to have better conversation with all the different types of people, both in your private life as well as your business life. I rate the programme so highly that I sent all my HR managers on the course and found an improved interaction, huge insight and an improved sense of maturity after they have attended the programme.”

Henriette Jordaan: Human Resources – Clicks


“Since arriving back at the Department I can reflect that there surely is something different about everybody. There is a definite change that took place in the way people are greeting each other and the day to day conversations that can be overheard. … In this past week during the time spend at Farm Inn I did learn a lot about myself and the way I perceive myself and other people. 

Dr. Yolinda Uys – Clinical Facilitator & Lecturer: University of Limpopo Nursing Science Dept


“Thank you very much for developing us to this level of ‘super communication’ especially the Circle Steps. I applied this during my private chat with my child. It worked!”

Elizabeth Mahlangu – Clinical Facilitator & Lecturer: University of Limpopo Nursing Science Dept.


The Interpersonal Intelligence Programme gives attendees the confidence to navigate difficult situations and improve overall confidence in communication skills.”

    Lara-Jane Pretorius – Chief Legal Officer: Leatt Corporation

The interpersonal intelligence course has by far been one of the most insightful courses I have attended even amongst all the training I have been exposed to thus far as a psychologist.  If it is approached with an open attitude focused on self-learning and self-awareness, it has the capacity and potential to unfold many ‘aha’ moments about the importance of your behaviour and the behaviour of others in establishing strong interpersonal relationships in all areas of your life. This course is a definite must in your development as a leader.”

    Varsha Morar – Learning and Development Manager: OD PPC Cement


I strongly recommend any company which needs help in team management to use Psychology at Work for a better future

Gary Baumgarten – General Manager: Graham Beck Wines


The interpersonal intelligence programme really opened my eyes and mind to a whole new life! It was the best four days I’ve spent in many years. I learned to understand and change my own behaviour and I now feel equipped to successfully manage relationships at work and in my personal life. I am extremely excited about practising what I’ve learned and picking the fruits thereof! Thank you, Justine and Demyan! You changed my life!”

Janine Langenhoven – Financial Manager: Propagating Plants


I definitely benefited a lot from the course. I realized that what I am doing was not necessarily wrong. It gave me confidence in what I am doing, how I managed my department. I also learned how to handle my shortfalls of trying a better way to handle conflict situations in an orderly manner, not to get worked up. It takes time to master this but at least I have some method I can work from. In short, by doing this course I learned that I am not out of the ordinary in the way I handle things and it gave me a lot of confidence.”

Brunhilde Luyt – Quality Control Manager: Graham Beck Wines


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the professional and outstanding customized design work on the Leadership Development Feedback (LDF) questionnaire and report template for the Gert Sibande District Municipality.  Our client was highly impressed with the layout can content.  Your turn around time of the questionnaires was quick and made it easier for our preparation and planning of feedback.”

Harrick Snow – Director: South African Development Foundation


I personally found the course extremely informative and the knowledge gained over the 4 days has proved to be life altering, both on a personal and business level!  It was incredibly well presented and the content covered made it very easy to be attentive the entire time – I came back every day feeling inspired and wanting to learn more.  The course has provided me with a far greater understanding of the way in which I behave and interact with those around me and has taught me what I need to change and adapt in order to improve and enhance my relationships at work, home and in my social life.  Thank you for your wonderful & inspiring energy.”

Tracey Pickup – Regional Human Resources Manager: Mount Nelson Hotel


Jy word gestroop van enige pretensie en “jy ware mens, ware gevoelens” word ontbloot. Ek was uitgeput, gedaan na ‘n week maar hoogs tevrede met my nuwe vaardighede om konflik op die “ regte manier te ontlont” net……..sonder enige nagevolge. My tekortkominge en hoe om dit te hanteer is “hoogs” professioneel hanteer en ek het selfvoldaan uitgestap toe ek besef hoe waardevol en beteknisvol ander dink ek is. Ek beveel die kursus definitief aan …. Maar dus nie vir sissies nie.”

Annatjie Kotze – Team Leader: Air Exports, Safcor Panalpina


Definitely the most valuable learning experience of my life. The circle steps is the best way to quickly and effectively deal with difficult people. The role play during the programme gives you the confidence to use these steps in real situations. It was amazing to see how even when acting during the role play, people end up in adult ego status. Absolutely GREAT!”

Lin Bester – Human Resources Manager: Federal Gaming, Executive Decisions


For me, getting a better understanding of how you are perceived by other people and getting some basic methods to assess other personalities and how to handle them is in my view extremely valuable / crucial for anyone in a management position. This programme helped me with this without being overly intrusive or harmful to my ego.”

Adam Lagerstedt – Advisor to the Permanent Secretary: Ministry of Health, Zambia


Well, it’s been almost 5 months since attending your workshop, and I must say the results are phenomenal!! My behaviour “style” has changed dramatically, and all of my staff have remarked on it (and experienced it!!) And I must say that a lot of it is filtering through the ranks and rubbing off on the staff, with the result that my staff are now more resilient and mature in their behaviour! I can recommend this course to everyone (and have done so!)”

Cedric Batchelor – Chartered Accountant: Eric Salomon & Co.


This is to thank your for the excellent services that you provided for Health Systems Trust during my contract as HR Manager with them.  The tasks given to you were not easy ones, and in particular, the conflict resolution for the Research Team.  However, I would like to commend you on your style of facilitating.  Your manner of dealing with highly sensitive issues is excellent as you manage to encourage even the most difficult of people to take a step back and think things through rationally.  What the Research Team appreciated most about your style was that you were completely neutral and maintained a level of professionalism even under the most trying circumstances, whether having to deal with racism and the many other sensitive work-related issues.  From a personal point of view, I believe that you are one of the best facilitators in this highly sensitive field because of your personality.  You have always managed to balance professionalism and an excellent knowledge of behaviour with a lighter side by bringing in humour and sharing your ‘free child’ with the participants.  You have certainly made a huge contribution to my own personal growth and development.”

Karen Campbell – Human Resources Manager: Health Systems Trust


We required their services for quite a large project which entailed the identification of suitable assessments for our new development programme selection process.  The selection process had 2 phases which spanned over a period of 2 months.  Employees had to be assessed nationwide for both phases, the second phases consisting of 3 hour assessment sessions and one-on-one interviews.  Despite a tight schedule from our side, all the assessments and feedback reports were completed by Psychology at Work within our time requirements with quality, in-depth input.”

Gillian Berry – Training and Development Manager: Safmarine


Psychology at Work facilitated an Interpersonal Intelligence Programme for SANBI managers in November 2008.  Justine Jackson-Fraser facilitated the workshops in a very approachable manner, making it easy for participants to gain maximum benefit.  It was an empowering experience for delegates and SANBI benefited from the outcome.”

René du Toit – Deputy Director: Training and Development, SA National Biodiversity Institute


Been on a lot of emotional intelligence courses, but really found this one exceptional.  I learnt a lot about myself, and walked away with very practical tools to use in my business and personal life.  Justine’s approach is very refreshing and fun, but very authentic and trustworthy.  I have recommended this course to my colleagues, and arranged training sessions with Justine for my entire team.”

Helen du Toit – Head: Auditing and Forensic Services, Santam


The Interpersonal Intelligence Programme is a personal learning experience. For anyone who would like to know them self better, it is a must.”

Leon Hoffmann : Santam

Interpersonal Intelligence bridges the gap between emotional intelligence and social intelligence – creating the space where awareness and self-knowledge can be employed to harness relationships that positively influence growth on both intra and interpersonal levels. Justine’s wit adds to the informal and trusting atmosphere within which our group shared serious stuff. A great place to learn that by only using your left brain, half of your personality, creativity and all the components that add to a balanced, powerful you is missing.”

Heloise Avenant – Clinician: Blue Print Health


“I found the IIP challenging but also tremendously rewarding. The way the Interpersonal Intelligence Programme was facilitated I felt safe to be vulnerable and grow. Thank you for providing me with more insight into my behaviour and how it affects all my interactions.”

Jaco van der Merwe – Regional Training Consultant: ABSA


This was a great learning experience for me, as I now have realized what type of person I am and now know why I behave the way I do.  I now think twice before reacting and often give myself that affirmation before dealing with someone or something.  Its great!  I am reaching for my goal of B4! It was just fun, fun, fun!!! Justine and Demyan are fantastic, down to earth, funny people!  It helped  because their behaviour and personality relaxed us, which enabled us to feel comfortable with the things we had to do in the course”.

Gayle van der Mexcht – PA to MD: Federal Gaming Executive Decisions


I found this course life changing, it gave me the tools to question everything I do, see, hear and react. I will continue down my path a much more solid, settled and happier person. And am already enjoying letting my fun child out to play more often. The facilitators bring a huge amount of energy and fun to a process that is hard and difficult for the attendee at times. I also like the opportunity to meet other people and work with them in the process.”

Asleigh Phillips – CA: Pernod-Ricard


I have certainly learnt from it although it wasn’t new to me but rather, it allowed me to polish up the brass that had become a bit dim /tainted over time!! Relaxed, fun , yet focused manner. Loved the style…… lots of acting as well as interacting. I felt this facilitation style enabled the attendees face their own adversities without being aware of or afraid of the exposure to others.”

Etynne Sterling – Human Resources Manager: Clicks


I found the course very motivational and inspiring and it has taught me how to be a better person or behave in a way that brings out the best in other people. I really enjoyed the informal atmosphere which allowed all of us to be ourselves and share our feelings. Loved every minute of it!”

Esperanza Louw – Sales & Marketing Manager :Naartjie Clothing



The course shows ways of addressing issues in a simple and practical manner while giving a greater understanding of self. Easy humour, informal , good team work between Justine and Demyan, careful handling of issues.”

Liz Inskip – Production Executive: Naartjie Clothing



It was extremely valuable and what I have learned has changed me on many levels. I really liked the 2 facilitators, they created a balance. The course was presented in a very save and relaxed manner. I enjoyed the facilitating style.”

Heiné de Waal – Wellness Facilitator: Solaris Health



My new found knowledge of the Behaviour Model will have a lasting impact! I learned a whole lot on this programme. My understanding of human behavioural patterns has been enhanced and so too my confidence in understanding and dealing with people. I feel more in control and less prone to loss of temper. The concept of “respond, don’t react” is especially valuable in my personal live. I have grown in the sense of learning to accept criticism/feedback and opening up to people. I am more comfortable with saying no and setting boundaries. The facilitation process was undertaken at the perfect pace. It was not too slow and it never pushed too hard. The individuals were treated like adults, i.e. they were encouraged to get involved but were allowed a lot of room for responsibility, mistakes and growth. The two facilitators constitute a brilliant working team. They compliment each other very well and there is a constant flow of information derived from different but complimentary life experiences, viewpoints and intellectual context. The humour and real life identity of the sessions were very powerful and effective.”

Rikus Nieuwenhuis – Non-profit Organization Management Consultant