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Interpersonal Intelligence Programme

The 4-day Interpersonal Intelligence Programme (W&R SETA Accredited) is a powerful cognitive-behavioural process that helps individuals and teams identify ineffective behaviours and develop new ones through a deep understanding of the Diamond Model of behaviour, enhanced self-insight, and practical skills.

Our Flagship Interpersonal Intelligence Programme has recently been awarded the much anticipated Wholesale & Retail W&R SETA accreditation for the following 4 Unit Standards:

  • US 12433: Use communication techniques effectively (NQF 5 Credits 8)
  • US 252037: Build teams to achieve goals and objectives (NQF 5 Credits 6)
  • US 242819: Motivate and build a team  (NQF 4 Credit 10)
  • US 113909: Coach a team member in order to enhance individual performance in the work environment (NQF 3 Credits 5)

These unit standards contribute as credits towards a full learnership, namely the generic management NQF 3 and 5 generic management and first line management learnerships offered by the W&R SETA, which some companies are entitled to claim a tax rebate of approximately R600 to R1200 per unit standard;

The programme consists of a 4-day in classroom programme (not consecutive) and 30 days allowed for the submission of the summative assessment. While we are currently registered with the W&R SETA. Memorandums of understanding and extensions of scope can be obtained should you prefer or need to work through a different SETA.

For more information on the 4-day Interpersonal Intelligence Programme, please refer to our brochures by clicking on the links below:

SETA Interpersonal Intelligence In-House Programme (Brochure V1)

SETA Interpersonal Intelligence In-House Programme (Brochure V2)

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