Karien Boolsen

Head of Private Lable – Clicks

“I would recommend that managers do this together and include key team members that are positive and driven and who can help bring change to the business. It was very useful doing this programme with 5 team members and I believe it will help us have a common understanding and language to keep each other in check and help each other. Thanks to Justine for an amazing 4 days – this course if guaranteed personal and professional growth!”

Anastashia Diener

Purchasing Category Specialist – Pernod Ricard

“I would recommend this programme to all my colleagues as I believe that this course offers the tools needed to communicate effectively and work as a unit in a high pressure environment.”

Jane Fraser

Project office Manager – Direct Axis

“I thought this was a very valuable and enriching course. Being able to see and connect with the more human and real side of each person, rather than just their ‘get the job done’ work personas, was very valuable and meaningful for me, and will certainly foster more trust, familiarity and ease of working together going forwards.I liked the way Justine facilitated, because although it is deeply personal and emotional content she presents it in a ‘safe’ non-threatening, fun and humorous way, so it doesn’t feel scary or ‘heavy’ and you don’t feel resistance to it. I would love to do this course with my direct team as I definitely think it will bond whatever team participates together in this course.I really appreciated the opportunity to do it. I feel I gained a LOT from it, and constantly remind myself to stay in B4. Thank-you!”

Francois Strydom

Head of Operations (Development Finance) – FNB

“What can I say… best ever.  Justine, you are THE BEST course presenter I have ever come across – and there have been many.  You are not an ordinary facilitator – you are unique and extraordinary. Your style is contagious. I have even tried applying some of the stuff in my team – and what a surprise I got! I really feel every person in every company must go through YOUR HANDS… I don’t know how you will ever scale this in your business…. Because you are that good… You have to do all of these courses and never delegate to other consultants. Absolutely brilliant.”

Henriette Jordaan

Human Resources – Clicks

“I rate the Interpersonal Intelligence Programme as one of the best investments in myself. The 4-day programme is jam-packed with fun filled activities and leaves one with a practical guide to have better conversation with all the different types of people, both in your private life as well as your business life. I rate the programme so highly that I sent all my HR managers on the course and found an improved interaction, huge insight and an improved sense of maturity after they have attended the programme.”

Pieter Kuypers

Business Analyst – FNB

A special thanks to Justine. Justine went out of her way to make all of us very comfortable and relaxed. The presentation skills and methods of engaging were excellent. During my Banking career, I have attended many courses, but this one was by far the best. I have definitely learned a lot of things that I will now apply at work, but I have also learned things that I will apply in my personal life.”

Judy Janse van Vuuren

Customer Experience Manager – FNB

“This has probably been one of the most valuable programmes that I have been on in a very long time. The programme outline has aspects that I can practically use in every sphere of my life.”

Dr. Yolinda Uys

Clinical Facilitator & Lecturer: University of Limpopo Nursing Science Dept

“Since arriving back at the Department I can reflect that there surely is something different about everybody. There is a definite change that took place in the way people are greeting each other and the day to day conversations that can be overheard. … In this past week during the time spend at Farm Inn I did learn a lot about myself and the way I perceive myself and other people. “

Gary Baumgarten

General Manager: Graham Beck Wines

“I strongly recommend any company which needs help in team management to use Psychology at Work for a better future”

Tracey Pickup

Regional Human Resources Manager: Mount Nelson Hotel

“I personally found the course extremely informative and the knowledge gained over the 4 days has proved to be life altering, both on a personal and business level! It was incredibly well presented and the content covered made it very easy to be attentive the entire time – I came back every day feeling inspired and wanting to learn more. The course has provided me with a far greater understanding of the way in which I behave and interact with those around me and has taught me what I need to change and adapt in order to improve and enhance my relationships at work, home and in my social life. Thank you for your wonderful & inspiring energy.”

Gillian Berry

Training and Development Manager: Safmarine

“We required their services for quite a large project which entailed the identification of suitable assessments for our new development programme selection process. The selection process had 2 phases which spanned over a period of 2 months. Employees had to be assessed nationwide for both phases, the second phases consisting of 3 hour assessment sessions and one-on-one interviews. Despite a tight schedule from our side, all the assessments and feedback reports were completed by Psychology at Work within our time requirements with quality, in-depth input.”

Luqmaan Alli

Collections Manager – FNB

The course deals with realistic and practical situations and offers solutions and tools to deal with those. It’s a skill and an understanding that we all need to have to improve the overall work place. It was a very very good course, practical and realistic and the facilitator executed it in the most powerful, fun and captivating way.”

Rikus Nieuwenhuis

Non-profit Organization Management Consultant

“My new found knowledge of the Behaviour Model will have a lasting impact! I learned a whole lot on this programme. My understanding of human behavioural patterns has been enhanced and so too my confidence in understanding and dealing with people. I feel more in control and less prone to loss of temper. The concept of “respond, don’t react” is especially valuable in my personal live. I have grown in the sense of learning to accept criticism/feedback and opening up to people. I am more comfortable with saying no and setting boundaries. The facilitation process was undertaken at the perfect pace. It was not too slow and it never pushed too hard. The individuals were treated like adults, i.e. they were encouraged to get involved but were allowed a lot of room for responsibility, mistakes and growth. The two facilitators constitute a brilliant working team. They compliment each other very well and there is a constant flow of information derived from different but complimentary life experiences, viewpoints and intellectual context. The humour and real life identity of the sessions were very powerful and effective.”

Ashleigh Phillips

CA: Pernod-Ricard

“I found this course life changing, it gave me the tools to question everything I do, see, hear and react. I will continue down my path a much more solid, settled and happier person. And am already enjoying letting my fun child out to play more often. The facilitators bring a huge amount of energy and fun to a process that is hard and difficult for the attendee at times. I also like the opportunity to meet other people and work with them in the process.”

Navin Naidoo

Product Manager: FNB

“The programme certainly provides a platform to understand how the mind works – specifically the formulation of thoughts, ideas, thinking patterns, etc. In addition to the “technical” aspects, it was certainly very thought provoking and sparked a bit of introspection, helping me understand certain behaviours about myself, but more importantly to better understand, appreciate and manage behaviours of others.”

Helen du Toit

Head: Auditing and Forensic Services, Santam

“Been on a lot of emotional intelligence courses, but really found this one exceptional. I learnt a lot about myself, and walked away with very practical tools to use in my business and personal life. Justine’s approach is very refreshing and fun, but very authentic and trustworthy. I have recommended this course to my colleagues, and arranged training sessions with Justine for my entire team.”